Workshops for Couples

One Weekend Can Make Such a Difference!

The skills created such a safe environment for us to communicate that we were able to say things to each other and share hopes and hurts that we had never dreamed possible.
My husband and I experienced a quantum leap in our intimacy in this one weekend. With your help, we learned to leave our egos and self-righteousness behind, which enabled us to connect and really communicate, almost for the first time.

These comments by attendees at a Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML) workshop for couples tell the heart of the story. They talk about the benefits of learning and using skills for a lifetime of love. Nurture your relationship by attending this special opportunity to concentrate on just the two of you for one weekend and learn how to enrich your relationship with skills of love.

The MML Program

Mastering the Mysteries of Love workshops are for Dating, Engaged, Married and Remarried Couples.

Day 1

  • Listening for Understanding
  • Expression or Effective Speaking
  • Dialoguing to Enhance Mutual Understanding
  • Collaborative Problem Solving to Create Win-Win Solutions

Day 2

  • Managing Conflict Effectively
  • Coaching and Deepening Dialogues
  • Fostering Successful and Mutual Change and Growth
  • Continuing to Nurture Your Relationship with the Skills of Love

Each Mastering the Mysteries of Love workshop is small (3-8 couples), and couple dialogues are private. Saturday sessions are 9-5 and Sunday sessions are 9-4. Snacks are provided and lunch will be on your own. Information on discounted hotel room rates for those visiting from out of town is available upon request. See below for Schedule.

The one-day "marathon" for a single couple is offered virtually, or in-person at a mutually agreeable location.


NIRE's 2-day weekend workshop for couples has been suspended indefinitely.

In its place, a day-long 6-hour "marathon" session for a single couple is being offered.

Details below.


  • If you register by fax, email, or mail, please include your name, home and email addresses, home and work phone numbers, and the dates for which you are registering.
  • Payment may be made either by check or credit card. Registrations by fax must be accompanied by a credit card number.
  • If payment is made with a credit card number, please write your name exactly as it appears on the card, the expiration date and your signature.
  • Please do not send credit card information via email as its security cannot be protected.

Schedule for 2019

February 22-23, 2020   Rob Scuka, PhD Kensington, MD

May 2-3, 2020   Carrie Hansen, MSW Kensington, MD

Nov 14-15, 2020   Rob Scuka, PhD   Kensington MD