Pre-Marital Counseling for Dating, Engaged
or Newly Married Couples

In this world of easy communication and instant intimacy, most of us still yearn for that special someone with whom to share our lives – day to day and year to year. When we meet that special person and are considering making a commitment, or have decided to commit, we may wonder whether this special relationship is sustainable over time. Relationship Enhancement® pre-marital counseling will give you the skills to make your love an everyday reality for a lifetime.

Three essentials for a healthy, long term, committed relationship are the ability to:

  1. Talk about what is going well (appreciations)
  2. Identify areas for growth (differences)
  3. Resolve differences constructively and creatively

It is sometimes hard to talk about differences because we are afraid we will break the connection. In fact, differences present opportunities for personal and couple growth.  Learning relationship skills together gives us a strong foundation to achieve A LIFETIME OF LOVE.

Private Pre-marital Counseling

The counselor first meets with the couple together to learn about your relationship, then meets with each of you individually. The counselor then takes two sessions to introduce core communications skills and conflict management skills. The rest of the sessions focus on you as a couple using the core communication skills in the context of a structured dialogue process to dialogue about issues important to your future together as a couple, including children, finances, intimacy and whatever issues are unique to your relationship. In this way you both address issues important to your future relationship and learn skills that will equip you to deal with future issues in as constructive, collaborative and loving a manner as possible. On average, pre-marital counseling lasts between 6-10 sessions, depending on the needs of the couple.

Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML) Relationship Enhancement® Program for Couples

Some pre-married couples don’t believe they need counseling per se, but recognize the benefits of pre-marital education to help ensure that they have the best possible chance of creating and sustaining their goal of a life-long marriage. Attending the MML weekend program for couples is an ideal avenue for achieving that goal by learning Skills for a Lifetime of Love. The workshop includes mini-lectures by the workshop leader, couple exercises and ample opportunity for private couple dialogue time, including coaching by the workshop leader(s). Some couples who attend the MML program may then elect to do some short-term pre-marital counseling to address certain specific issues. For more information about the program, and the workshop schedule, please click here.