Learn Skills for a Lifetime of Love!

We start out our relationship with the best of intentions, with hope and with love. Then we discover that we are not equipped to handle some of what life hands us. Or we find that differences in our personalities or our desires cause conflict. Perhaps these differences seemed manageable early in our relationship, or not that important. But over time these differences may become more difficult and at times may even seem to call the relationship into question. Other times, deep hurt resulting from an act of betrayal may threaten the relationship.

The Relationship Enhancement® approach teaches you the skills of love to learn, grow and heal together – to live out that promise you once made to each other. Relationship Enhancement® skills help you reconnect with the joy and the love that you both want for your relationship. These skills also will help you achieve your goal of a fulfilling and long-term committed relationship. Please click here for information about the Effectiveness of Relationship Enhancement® Therapy.

Learning relationship skills together gives you a strong foundation to achieve a lifetime of love.

Private Relationship Enhancement® counseling is done by seasoned, licensed mental health professionals. Sessions typically are 50-55 minutes, but longer sessions can be negotiated by mutual agreement. Insurance reimbursement may be possible. NIRE staff will provide the necessary documentation to apply for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Some couples choose to attend our Mastering the Mysteries of Love (MML) weekend program for couples as an adjunct to private counseling. The advantage is that you learn all 10 RE skills in the space of one weekend, which then allows the private counseling to move forward more rapidly.